Central New Mexico Beagle Rescue accepts Beagles from many different situations. From Owner surrender, from shelters throughout New Mexico, and our boarding states, and we also accept strays.


A. CNMBR cannot take any beagle who is aggressive or has bitten someone. We cannot accept into rescue. (each case will be evaluated separately)

B. CNMBR needs you to provide photographs of beagle you are surrendering. (full body shot, face shot, etc.)  

C. The Person surrendering beagle needs to provide, any passed registration papers, any health records, and the microchip number of pet being surrendered.

D.  Required owner surrender form fill out. (This form must be filled out so we can place the pet in a new home.)

E.  Surrender Fee $50.00. (This fee helps pay for dog food, bedding, dog tags, new collars, etc.)

We know it is hard surrendering a pet, that is why, we ask you to contact us, as soon as you know you need to find a new home for your beagle. We have found out it is much easier on the beagle, if they go right from your home(the owner) to a new home. If you are not able to contact us early on, we do have a few foster homes, but sometimes there can be a waiting list.  

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