1. Our Fostering and Adoption process starts with filling out an Application.
  2. A home visit is required.
  3. You must have a secure yard (wall must be 5 feet or higher, depending on the beagle).
  4. CNMBR likes to place our beagle’s in homes with another appropriate dog (beagle’s are pack dogs and really enjoy the companionship of another dog).
  5. If adopting a puppy,  children need to be at least 3 years old.
  6. If you are interested in adopting a puppy from us, a puppy cannot be left alone for more than 4   hours a day.
  7. For people interested in adopting a beagle: We have found out beagles do not do well in apartments, they have separation anxiety, and they will bark when you are gone.

Our Adoption Fee’s are:

Puppies     $ 200.00

Adults   $ 150.00

Some people ask “Why are your fostering guidelines the same as adoption guidelines?” The reason why is: foster’s are the temporary parents to our beagles, just as a permanent beagle parents would be. We require that no matter where one of our beagles is placed, each and every foster or adopter fulfill our guidelines. In addition, our foster’s have the opportunity to adopt whom they are fostering. In fact, when anyone requests to adopt a beagle, we have a mandatory two week trial (foster) period each adopter must complete. Therefore, even if adopting, you will be a foster.

CNMBR  Adoption and Foster Application 2016



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